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Bloom Bucks 1000

Bloom Bucks 1000

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🚚 Free Shipping within Metro-Manila for orders ₱2,000 and above
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Give the gift of skincare AND the power of choice! Bloom Bucks work like cash on the site and is the perfect gift idea for any occasion. You may get Bloom Bucks in P500 and P1000 denominations and best of all, the never expire!

How To Use Bloom Bucks
1. Bloom Bucks are good as cash and have no expiration date.
2. Bloom Bucks are available in P500 and P1000 denominations.
3. Each Bloom Bucks certificate has a unique code. The code can be seen on the email. (ex. If you buy two P1000 certificates, you will receive two unique codes.)
4. The unique code/s must be used upon checkout the same way you would plug in a discount code.
5. If your total bill is less than the amount of Bloom Bucks (ex. Total bill of P880 versus Bloom Bucks value of P1,000), you will not receive change or credit.
6. If your total bill exceeds the amount of Bloom Bucks (ex. Total bill of P550 versus Bloom Bucks value of P500), you may settle the balance via COD, PayPal, or Bank Deposit.
7. To order gift cards, please choose Paypal of bank deposit.