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This 4-Step Skincare Kit Will Have You Waking Up to Better Skin

This 4-Step Skincare Kit Will Have You Waking Up to Better Skin

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Bloom & Topiary is here to simplify your beauty routine.  By Nicole Arcano- Oct 3, 2019

When an eight-hour sleep schedule continuously evaded two Filipinas studying and working in London, they—as one naturally would—turned to skincare to save their complexions from the consequences. Fast forward to years later, when they decided create their own skin elixirs, the duo didn't only want products with skin-saving ingredients. They approached it the new-age way and produced products that strike the balance between efficiency and tasteful visuals. The second seems like a shallow requirement, but think about it—aren't you more inclined to use a well-packaged serum than one in a plain bottle? Now combine that with nature-driven formulations and a simple and honest approach to beauty and you'll have rising local skincare brand Bloom & Topiary.

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